Best PDF Compressor for Windows

Best PDF Compressor for Windows, Mac, and Android for 2021

At their core, PDF files were designed to look the same on all devices, besides, they are safe and extremely easy to edit, but if you add any media components to your PDF document, its size will increase several times. And this, in turn, can cause problems in their use on different platforms. PDF compressors will help you quickly and easily compress large PDF files into files of suitable size, and in this article, we will describe the best such programs suitable for both Windows and Mac.

Adobe Acrobat Review

Adobe Acrobat is a premium PDF compression program, still the best of the best to this day, but the cost is also high.

The regular version of the compressor does not support Mac, however Adobe Acrobat Pro is suitable for both Windows and Mac. You no longer have to worry about how to reduce pdf file size mac, because the program will do everything for you. In addition to its standard compression function, the company also offers additional functions that monitor the quality and size of the PDF file compression. Thus, the program will provide you with high-quality compression of files.

Smallpdf Review

Smallpdf is one of the most popular similar programs, and this is not surprising, because the developers have included in it not only the compression function but also a set of additional tools. However, they will be available only to those who have subscribed to the Pro version. Specifically, this feature set includes:

  • Electronic signature
  • Page rotation
  • Encryption
  • Ability to use standalone software that greatly simplifies the compression process

Also, the company will never leave you in difficult times and will always tell you how to use the program to get the most out of it. The support service is available 24/7.

PDF Compressor Online Review

This free online compressor is very practical and easy to use. Use the program directly through your web browser. It has fulfilled its main purpose of compressing PDF files perfectly for many years. The most amazing thing is that although the program does not have any options that would help monitor the quality of files, they remained intact as a result of compression.

The online compressor is also capable of converting any files to the PDV format and vice versa, its only drawback is the file size limit, which reaches 1.5 GB.

Soda PDF Review

Soda PDF is on the list of the best as this program is extremely reliable and high quality, and it can also be used in the free version. But you can also subscribe to a paid subscription if your company only needs premium services.

As for the free version, it is convenient and efficient and integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy uploading. Compressed files remain virtually unchanged and are easily transferred via email.

While you can find everything you need in the free version, we recommend trying out the business plan as it provides a complete set of PDF management tools such as:

  • Intelligent PDF compression
  • File encryption
  • Convert file formats

PDFelement Review

PDFelement is the last on this list, it offers many useful additional features, but when it comes to the actual compression of PDF files, problems can arise. The program only works well if you subscribe to PDFelement Pro, so if you rarely do PDF compression, we recommend considering a cheaper option.